We can all sometimes be guilty of staying too rigidly and firmly within our comfort zones. They are, after all, called comfort zones for a reason – they are comfortable: safe, warm and cosy. Why would we want to take a leap when we can remain relaxed and keep things just the way they are? When it comes to fashion, many of use are comfort zone dwellers to the highest degree. Are you one of the many women who has become too safe in their cheap fashion choices?



You can tell if you have become too safe in your fashion choices by taking a good, hard look at the clothes in your wardrobe. If you look at your clothes are realise that you have a shocking number of clothes that look very similar then you are definitely falling into a safe holding pattern. If, for example, you have several pairs of almost identical skinny jeans, then it might be time to take a bit of a leap.



It is normal and common to get stuck in a bit of a fashion rut and to choose over and over again to buy clothes that we know to be comfortable and which we know look good on us. The problem is that those favoured clothes become a kind of uniform, and the look can get boring and stale. What was once fresh and stylish has become a problem area in your fashion life. 


Take all the clothes out of your wardrobe so you can see them all, not just individually but as a whole collection. When you analyse your clothes in this way you will be able to really see where you have begun to be stuck in a rut. This will also help you to find core pieces that are really you, which you can use as the foundation stone for a newly rejuvenated and updated wardrobe.


If you are seeing the same shapes, colours or types of clothing over and over again in your collection of clothes, think about whether you really do suit this style. You may well find that you are doing yourself a disservice and that you have fallen into a style rut that perpetuates a look that never really suited you in the first place. 


Even if your uniform style does suit you, it still comes across as too safe and so will eventually lose its stylish edge. By keeping things safe you are actually diminishing your clothes ability to show your style and personality. Just throw in something new and different every once in a while. You may not always get things spot on, but at least you are showing some fashion chutzpah.