So, you've picked out your perfect wardrobe and assembled your signature look. You are super happy with the clothes you own and know exactly when and where you will be buying any new ones. But now, there is just one last thing to sort out – you really feel like making a change – perhaps to your hair? Perhaps a fringe could be just the thing to complete your lovely look? But which sort of fringe should you go for? Here are a few pointers to help you decide which fringe will look best on you:


Side Fringe – Perfect For Rounder Faces/ Wider Cheeks:


A fringe that is swept to one side can make those with rounder, wider faces make their face look longer and thinner. A cleverly contoured side swept fringe can be used to subtly draw attention to your best facial features.


Short, Blunt Fringe – Perfect For Shorter Faces With Soft Features:


If you have a short, round face, blunt fringes to the brow can make your face look even more squat. However, a shorter blunt fringe that stops higher on your forehead can actually elongate your head and make your face look more oval.


A Soft, A-Shaped Fringe – Perfect For Square Or Oblong Faces:


A fringe that sweeps to both sides and comes to a point in the centre will help narrow and soften square or oblong faces and will help to draw attention to your eyes and away from a dominant jawline. 


Long Fringe To the Brows – Perfect For Long Faces and Big Foreheads:


If you have a long face and a big forehead, you can make your face seem more in proportion by wearing a blunt fringe long, to the brows. A fringe this long will make your face seem more balanced and draw attention to your eyes.


A Crescent Shaped Fringe – Flattering On Many, Especially Heart Shaped Faces:


A crescent shaped fringe is one that is gently curved and is longer at the sides than it is in the middle. Feathered or more sleek, this is a fringe shape that can flatter many different faces but is especially charming for those with the delicate, pointed chin of the heart-shaped face.


A fringe can be the solution to your face shape problems and can also be a good way to make a dramatic change that will not be too permanent a decision. Could a fringe be the perfect way to alter your hair to complete your ideal signature look and make your face look better than ever? A fringe might not be for everyone. Is it for you? MISSBELLA