Some say that black is not a good colour to wear in the summer months. But those who love black would say that it is a great colour all year round. Black can be a flattering colour but, especially in the summer heat, you can have too much of a good thing. Remember, black will absorb the heat and can be uncomfortable when the temperatures really rise. That said, there are plenty of ways to stylishly incorporate black in your summer wardrobe. Here are a few ideas for cool ways to wear black in the summer:


Black Vintage T (with sawn off denim shorts):


A soft, vintage T-shirt in black is just the thing for a slightly edgy casual look this summer. Pair it with a pair of roughly cut off denim shorts hewn from an old pair of jeans. This effortless look will have an easy, breezy summer feel that will leave you feeling super stylish. 


Crochet Swimwear or Beachwear:


Black can look great against sun-kissed, beach toned skin. For a flattering and stand out look, choose a light crochet design piece of swimwear or beachwear. Black beachwear can make you look great in the summer sun, just make sure that you choose some accessories that give some blocks of colour to enliven the look and stop it from looking too hard and harsh.


Black Logo T (with trainers and yoga pants):


Athletic wear can be worn everywhere as casual wear in the summer months, whether you are coming from the gym or just meeting up with some friends. Logo T-shirts are totally in again this summer, so slap on a black one with a big old logo on it, and pair it with some tight leggings or yoga pants and your favourite sneakers. 


Crop Tops and Cut Outs:


Black can lend itself to clothes that bare some skin. A black crop top or a top with cut outs will work well in black as the cut outs will stand out well with any skin colour and skin tone. While too much black can sometimes overwhelm those with very pale skin, skimpier pieces of fabric can be elegant and bring classic chic to a casual and/or slightly daring look. 


The Classic Little Black Dress:


The classic little black dress never really goes out of fashion and there is one to suit every figure type, size and look. For a summer occasion, a classic LBD can really help you to elevate your look to suit the tone of the day. Whether you wear it in an avant garde way with big boots and bold accessories, or keep it more chic and sophisticated with stilettos and pearls, the LBD will rarely let you down, summer, autumn, winter or spring.