Do you love cheap fashion? Do you feel creative and have a near endless imagination? Do you feel the call of the freedom of a freelance career as a style blogger and online trend setter? If you do, are you really familiar with all the hard work, stress and job instability that goes along with an online career dependent on social media and, when it comes right down to it, the whims of the online public?


Writing online (as I know well) is not always an easy career choice. Yes, the rewards are there for those who have the tenacity and the ability but it always involves far more hard work than outsiders could imagine. Just imagine the added stresses and strains that come with putting yourself out there for the whole world to judge and constantly having to increase your media presence as well as knowing fashion and style inside out.


Instagram goddesses and style mavens of the world wide web might look like they are living the life of Riley. There are certainly some perks to the job for those who do it well. You can be your own boss and set your own hours, of course. What you might not realise is that, for most of these fashion and style bloggers, those hours are long. Online style bloggers can end up working up to one hundred hours a week, with no time to clock off. Holidays can become a distant memory. 


Some might see the job as simply taking a few good photographs and waiting for the 'likes' to roll in. But being successful means a constant courting of the online public, an understanding of trends and demographics and a willingness to make yourself available practically 24 hours a day. Even those who become hugely successful in this lucrative and trend-setting industry can not rest on their laurels but must constantly be looking for the next thing and keeping things fresh, being innovative without going too far beyond the pale. It can be a difficult balancing act.


Style bloggers have to be organised, committed and also thick skinned. No matter how popular you become, the dark underbelly of the internet is still crawling with those specimens who delight in bringing other people down. You will have your haters and they can say really personal things. You have to shrug it all off, along with the weight of all the hard work, and make it all look effortless when you are in front of the camera.


If style and fashion blogging are your passion then of course, you should go ahead with working to fulfil your dreams. If it is not your true passion and you will not give it 100% then obviously this is not, after all, the job for you.