Weddings in the summer month can sometimes feel like buses. You wait for ages and then five come along at once! If you are having one of those summers when it feels like you are heading off to a wedding every weekend, here are a few ideas that might give you inspiration for new wedding outfits when you run out of things to wear. 


Pastel Perfection


Pastel colours are perfect for those who want to make a cool, calm and collected impression. Chic, classic and demure, pastel shades are a good way to look good without anyone feeling that you are in danger of eclipsing the bride. Try not to be too matchy matchy when it comes to co-ordinating your whole outfit or you could risk looking a little bit twee or a bit old-fashioned. 


Vintage Midi Tea Dress


A vintage tea dress can be a lovely and affordable way to dress yourself for a friend's wedding. You will almost certainly find some faded floral beauties in second hand and vintage shops across the country or online. Keep the hemline just below your knee for the most flattering look and make sure that you modernise the look with some up to date accessories or you might just look like someone's granny going for tea with the vicar!


Cold Shoulder Chic


As you will know if you have not had your head under a rock, cold shoulder tops and dresses are everywhere this summer season. You can get in on the action at a range of different occasions and a wedding is one of the perfect places to get those shoulders out. Choose some simple jewellery to lengthen your neck and you will have finished the look off to perfection.


Boho Maxi Dress


A maxi dress with some feminine, floaty fabric paired with a cute pair of sandals and some boho bangles is the perfect way to dress for a more informal and relaxed summer wedding. Keep fabrics light and patterns unfussy and you will glide around the social event with the ease of a summer breeze.


Sophisticated Slip Dress



Slip into a 90s inspired slip dress and sachet your way to sartorial success at any summer weddings to which you are invited. A slip dress with a pair of sophisticated heels or some wedges is a charming look for a wedding in the sun. 


These are just a few ideas to help you come up with your own wedding outfits. No matter what sort of wedding you go to and how you know the bride or the groom, you can be sure to look and feel good when you consider both your own body and your own sense of style. While there are, of course, certain conventions to follow at a wedding, those who look best are always those that really know what they personally should and should not wear and exude the confidence that comes from understanding what to wear and wearing the right things.