Kindness is a currency. It can take us a long way. A smile is infectious and by simply being kind, even by smiling at a stranger, you could really make their day. Here are five great ideas for how you can take the kindness of others and 'pay it forward', to help make the world a better place:


Pay A Genuine Compliment Out Of The Blue:


Paying a compliment is a bit of an art form. You have to make sure that the compliment you are paying is a genuine one and that you are choosing the right time and place to pay it. A well timed compliment however, could really cheer someone up and brighten their day. Why not tell your friend how lovely she looks in her new dress, or compliment a stranger on their hairstyle? Send out that kindness into the world.


Donate Some Of Your Favourite Old Clothes:


Another way to pay it forward is to pass on your old cheap clothes to other people by donating them to a charity shop or simply passing them on to friends or family who may have admired a certain item in the past. Why not give your sister that jumper she's had her eye on, or have a clear out to get rid of items in your wardrobe that no longer fit you or which you never wear. You could be holding onto something that could become a cherished part of someone else's wardrobe. What about having a swap meet with some friends? Not only might you clear space in your wardrobe for the perfect new items of clothing, you could also spread the kindness and the love.


Adopt A Patch Of Soil In Your Community:


Food can really make people happy and you can play your part in your local area by helping to grow food for your community on a neglected patch of soil. A small amount of effort poured into the soil could be a real boon to the people in the area where you live.


Volunteer For A Community Project:


There are a wide range of community projects out there, many of which help some of the most vulnerable people in our society and those most in need of kindness. Why not consider donating a small amount of your time to help those less fortunate than yourself? You never know what wonderful things could be achieved if more people just pitched in a little.


Teach Someone A New Skill:


Another great way to help and show kindness is to teach someone something that you know and they do not. No matter what your skills are and what you are good at, there will be something that you can teach to enrich the life of someone close to you. Do you know about cooking, cars, gardening, joinery, sewing, design, art, music? The list of potential skills is almost endless. Pay it forward by passing on some knowledge or practical skills today.