Five Great Ways To Say, 'I Love You' 


Saying 'I love you' is not just about saying the words but hearing them can still be a thrill. There is nothing better in this world than truly feeling loved by another person and loving them in return. Of course love is expressed through everyday actions, a thousand heart-flutters and a myriad of thoughtful gestures that all add up to one thing – love. 

But without hearing the words, it can sometimes be hard to know whether what we are feeling from someone else truly is love. It can be really easy to second guess everything, even if that is something we are keen to avoid. If you want to really make sure that your loved one knows that they are truly loved then here are five great ways to say so in a way that they will believe. It is not about the words, those are simple and say it all. When it comes to great ways to say 'I love you' it is all about context:


The hello/farewell, 'I love you':


I love you should not be some momentous phrase that you pull out and dust off on special occasions. It is something you should be saying to your loved one every day. Saying it even in the busy rush of your daily routine, when you are off to work or parting for whatever reason, will show them that you truly do care. These are not words that can be worn out with use. Just make sure that you mean them, and say them like you mean them. Do not allow the words to become hollow and always feel the meaning that lies behind what you say.


The slumped on the couch, 'I love you':


Love is not only a word for romance and wooing, it is also for those times when you are your partner are totally off-guard and relaxed, when you are slobbing out in front of the TV, or lazing around in your pyjamas. A cosy snuggle on the sofa is the perfect time to say, 'I love you'.


The whispered, breathless 'I love you':


Of course, love is something intimate, between the two of you. Love should also be articulated verbally in the throws of night time embraces, when the dark shrouds you and you two could be the only people in the whole, wide world.


The candlelit, 'I love you':


Much as it can be great to incorporate 'I love you' into your daily, humdrum life, everyone wants to be romanced once in a while. Make sure you make some time to gaze into your lover's eyes over a candlelit dinner and show them as well as telling them that you truly care.


The unexpected, 'I love you':