Would you get a tattoo? They are certainly a subject that polarises opinion, some love them while others hate the very idea of getting one. If you are one of the people who loves the creative expression and artistry involved and wants to get a tattoo, you must make sure that you are making the right decision. Too many people each year head off on a holiday or go out with their mates and come back with a horrendous tattoo that they immediately regret. Here are just five good reasons to think before you ink:




Of course, the number one reason why people regret a tattoo is that they are embarrassed by it, either because the tattoo itself is poorly executed or because of the subject matter of the tattoo. Embarrassment is a horrible think and with a tattoo you could be saddled with that embarrassment for a very long time to come. 





People change. If your twenty year old self is not embarrassed by a tattoo that you got on holiday in Magaluf, for example, that does not mean that it will not be an embarrassment to your thirty, forty or fifty year old self. With a tattoo, temporary whim can last a long time and saddle you with a problem that is very painful and difficult to get rid of. 




A tattoo, particularly one in a more visible place, is like an accessory that you cannot take off. Is your tattoo in good taste? Will it be a sound style choice – because this is one style choice that you are pretty much going to be stuck with. If you are someone that prides yourself on your taste when if comes to your fashion style, your clothes and accessories, then you should definitely think twice before committing to a tattoo that could be less than tasteful.





When you get a tattoo, that can be like choosing an item of clothing or an accessory that will never be removed. Will your tattoo 'go' with all the clothes you wear? A tattoo that has been well thought out can look fantastic with someone's signature look. One that has been thoughtless can clash horribly, however. Think of a tattoo as just another part of your overall look – which also encompasses your hair, beauty regime, clothing and accessories. 






Last but not least, you have to be careful when getting a tattoo that you are getting it done by a reputable tattoo artist. Not only will an inexperienced tatooist mess up your skin, they can also give you a nasty infection or make some mistake that could make you very ill. Make sure you go to a good tattoo place, and do not just nip in wherever. Not thinking before you ink could cost more than embarrassment and shame. It could cost you your health or even your life. MissBella