Blue is a cool, calm colour that has some really good connotations and is loved by most people. There are many different occasions when it is a great idea to wear blue, both at work and at play, during the the day and late at night. But it is important to choose the right shade of blue for each different occasion. Here are five shades of blue that can work well in different situations:

Powder Blue


This palest of pale blues is a subtle and classy colour, understated, soft and summery. Choose it with some deeper neutral tones to wear to work or waft around in a diaphanous powder blue gown when you are making the most of a lovely summer's day, trailing hints of the powdery bluish glint of the winter snow.


Cornflower Blue


Cheery and confident, this medium to light blue can be worn just about anywhere. This hue, which takes its name, of course, from the flower, can look good on many different women but perhaps looks particularly attractive on those with blonde hair and blue eyes and pale skin.


Royal Blue


Royal blue was originally a term used to describe a deep, dark shade of blue with a slight purple hint, though as time has gone on the term has also come to mean a much lighter shade, closer to primary blue. The former is an especially good choice if you want to make a serious, formal, right royal impression.


Navy Blue



As we get into the darker shades of blue we find colours that show confidence and class. Always good colour for work, navy blue and other similar dark blue shades are good for showing people that you are capable and in control. Navy blue is also a flattering colour for most people.


Midnight Blue


The very deepest of blues, this is a rich and opulent shade that is perfect for evening wear and grand occasion wear, though can be just as pretty for a night out with friends. This shade works particularly well with fabrics that will catch the light.


There is a shade of blue out there for most of us, we just have to choose the right shade. There are of course many more shades out there to choose from so do not be afraid to experiment a little and try different shades on in front of a mirror to see which ones suit you best.  MissBella