Step One: Know Yourself

The first step in any move towards superb style is to make sure that you really know yourself, inside and out. Forget clothes for the moment and concentrate on working out who you truly are as a person and in your physicality. Start on the outside and work in, making sure that you know every inch of yourself, from the qualities of your skin, hair, eyes and other features, to your body's shape and size and, of course, to all the different elements of your character. Only when you really 'find' yourself can you begin to work out your own sense of style.

Step Two: Know Fashion

Anyone with real style knows cheap fashion inside out. They know what is in and what is out, keep abreast of trends and changes and yet are never slaves to them. A really stylish woman knows that it is important to know the rules in order to be able to break them. 

Step Three: Observe 

Part of knowing about style is being able to observe, take in and analyse what you see. Look at media, at people in the street, at friends and family. Take note of what works and what does not work quite so well. Observation and a good eye are important skills to hone if you want to improve your style know how. At this stage, it is also a good idea to observe yourself in the mirror in all your clothes and look with a truly objective eye.  

Step Four: Refresh Your Wardrobe 

Be ruthless. Anything that you would not give at least an 8 out of 10 for style (on you) should go to charity, sold or given away. Really look deep and analyse why you are keeping each individual item. Identify any gaps in your wardrobe and begin to slowly fill them. Make sure that anything you do choose to buy you would grade 10 out of 10, or can adapt to give it full marks. 

 Step Five: Style Your Own Signature Look

Once you feel that everything you own is really you, you can begin to work out the common strands and to work out outfit combinations that really reflect who you are as a person. It is only when you have developed your own signature look that you can really be said to have a superb sense of style.