In the summer, we can often feel a little lacking in energy. If your summer needs a little more get up and go and you are lolling in the doldrums, perhaps it is time to rejuvenate your summer wardrobe so, as the weather warms up, you look and feel great wherever you are. Rejuvenating your wardrobe does not mean chucking out all your old outfits and buying a bunch of new ones. Far from it. Instead, by saving your money and buying only a few special pieces that you truly love, you can create a wardrobe that is just right for you. Here are some ways to make sure your summer wardrobe is on top form:


We Know What You Wore Last Summer...Mix It Up


Hanging on to all your old summer clothes does not mean wearing the same things over and over again. You can rejuvenate your old clothes with next to no money by wearing them in new and creative ways and making small adjustments and additions to make them look and feel like new. That tired old maxi dress, for example, could be a cute skirt to wear with one of the season's feminine blouses. That old pair of jeans might make a great pair of shorts. Even the addition of a simple belt or some out-of-the-box layering could transform a whole look. 


Take Inspiration from the Summers of Yesteryear


Looking back to fashion styles of previous decades can be a great way to find inspiration for your summer fashion look. You can be bang up to date while being 'old fashioned' and you can really show your stylistic flair when you know how to wear some of the more interesting and bold summer looks of years gone by. Check out second hand stores, vintage boutiques and charity shops to see what you can find, as well as checking out new vintage-inspired offerings. 


Be Inspired by the Colours and Lushness of Nature


Summer is a time of beauty and bounty. It is not the time to be a wallflower. Be inspired by the colours and vitality of the natural world at this time of year and be bold when it comes to making colour choices for your summer clothes. In the bright, summer sunshine, those who know when and how to bloom will really show their prowess when it comes to dress. Bold colours that are right for you can help you make the right impression and be a beautiful summer girl.


Gain Confidence and Dare to Bare


Summer is not the time to cover up either. If you truly want to rejuvenate your wardrobe for the summer season then now is the time to tackle those insecurities. Everyone has bits of themselves that they would rather keep covered. The trick is to accentuate your best features. But really, you just need to gain in confidence because when you have confidence, even if you have some wobbly bits or awkward angles you will look fantastic and that confidence will shine through and impress everyone who sees you.


Take the Holiday Feeling to the High Street


You know how you feel when you are on holiday? Try to keep that feeling the whole summer long. When you take your relaxed and happy holiday vibe and allow it to permeate your whole world, you will free your creative side and really be able to show your creative fashion flair. Missbella