Fringes are in this summer. From top to toe, fringed items can give your look that extra edge. There are lots of different ways to pull off this feature in a stylish and up to date way, without looking like a hillybilly hick in some honky tonk. Here are five ways to wear fringe this summer that will not risk looking like fancy dress and will help you to stay up to date and on trend:


Fringed Sandals


There are many examples of sandals and shoes which incorporate fringe into the design. Wearing a pair of sandals with a delicate fringe around the ankle is one way to get some impact into your look without going overboard. Fringes on the top of your heels can help you to look elegant and free and fun from top to toe. 


Fringed Midi Skirt


Seventies style is in this summer and a fringed midi skirt that falls to a flattering length just below the knee is the perfect way to swing into summer in style. Keep the tones and fabrics earthy and natural and make sure the rest of the look is not too flouncy and does not have too much trim and embellishment and you will be able to exude effortless charm without it looking overdone.


Fringed Faux-Suede Jacket


Continue the seventies theme (though not in the same outfit) with a faux-suede jacket with a sassy fringe. Pair the jacket with a demure prairie dress or a pair of jeans and you will have a great casual outfit that can take you just about anywhere. If you do wear a fringe jacket then make sure that you keep the rest of the look edgy and sharp and do not wear too many ruffles and fringe elsewhere or you could end up looking like a fancy-dress cowgirl. 


Fringed Bag


Want to bring some fringe into your look but unsure about an item with a full-blown fringed look? A handbag is the perfect way to be bold and experimental without risking your overall look or being too much. Choose some bold colour-block shades to let your fringed bag really sing.


Fringed Earrings


Another way to incorporate a little bit of fringe without going overboard is to pop on some dangling fringe earrings, which can be layered on with other boho style jewellery. When layering on heavy and bold jewellery, it is key to let these pieces speak for themselves, so keep the rest of your look simple and natural to keep it chic.


When you wear fringe you will never be on the fringes. You can be the life and soul of the party and will look super stylish this summer. Visit missbella for cheap clothes uk