Take the chance this year to simplify and shore up your wardrobe. Be ruthless and get rid of anything that you do not wear any more. Be honest with yourself – get rid of anything that does not suit you any more and any ill-advised fashion purchases that never did. Do not throw old items away – pass on items to friends, or take them to a charity shop and remember that old, worn out items can often be re-purposed to make fantastic new clothing items or recycled for other uses around the home. 


Channel minimalism in 2016. Go with what you've got for the most part but identify any holes in your wardrobe and make sure you have the staples to allow you to mix and match effortlessly and always look chic in 2016. Matching simple shapes, styles and colours for low-key, minimalist looks is set to be a hot trend in the coming year. Here are five staples every woman should consider having in their wardrobe:




High waists are in and this can be a flattering look but though everyone should have a pair of jeans in their wardrobe, not everyone should have the same style, shape or colour. Whether you go for boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans or something far less fitted, a comfortable pair of jeans that suits you will never let you down.




Feminine and flouncy are words being bandied around in the fashion world this year. Keep things simple yet light and playful with an attractive blouse that can take you effortlessly from day to night and that can be mixed and matched with other wardrobe staples in a number of casual or professional looks. 


Longline Top & Leggings:


Another way to get some femininity into your wardrobe is with the flowing silhouette of a longline top over leggings or other trousers. Again, this is a flexible look that anyone can wear. It is a timeless look that can be almost endlessly adaptable.


Little Black Dress:


Yes, the LBD is ubiquitous. It may sound obvious but this cliché is popular for a reason. Endlessly adaptable, effortlessly stylish, everyone needs one of these in a style that suits them. 



Chic and tailored, a well-fitting blazer can really tie your wardrobe together. But do not feel that it has to be black. It can be if that is what suits you, but consider injecting some colour into your wardrobe with a 70s inspired blazer and trouser in a tone that suits you.


Simple does not have to mean boring. Do not run the risk of looking staid. Do not worry about taking the occasional risk and trying on items you might not usually wear. The key thing is that every time you make a purchase you should consider not just whether or not that items suits but also whether it is a staple that you will be able to mix and match with other clothes in your wardrobe.


 Credit MissBella