Be More Natural


When you buy clothes, when you do your hair, when you choose a beauty regime, always go for a more natural approach. Yes, excessive make up and glam, OTT dress can make you attractive to a certain type of man but great guys, forever guys, guys who you won't be afraid to be ill in front of and who will take care of you even when you look your worst, they will always prefer the more natural look. You are beautiful just the way you are, as nature intended. The right guy will see that and love you for embracing your natural beauty.


Be Yourself



Some of us have a quirky dress style, others may be classy, bohemian, rebellious, modest... in what you dress and in every way, you should always be yourself. Fakery may attract a man initially but false advertising is hardy going to buy you lasting love and men will not like it if your outer appearance does not reflect who you are within. Make sure your character shines through wherever you are and whatever you wear. Just be yourself and the right man will love you for it.


Be Independent Minded



The right man will always love the fact that you have your own mind. Most men do not like women to be subservient and follow like a sheep. Most men in the modern world, or at least most men that most women would want to have a relationship with, respect a woman who is independent in mind and deed. Never lose yourself in your pursuit of a relationship and always retain control of your own life and a sense of yourself. The right man will love that about you.


Be Interesting


It is all well and good wearing the perfect clothes, having the perfect hair and skin, looking amazing. But if that is all there is to you then the right sort of man will very quickly lose interest. Keeping up appearances and feeling that you look nice is important but it is more important to foster your inner development. Learn, study, travel, grow, have hobbies and passions. Those are the things that will really keep you interesting to a man.


Be Interested


But it is not all about you. One of the key things in any developing relationship is being interested in them. There is nothing more attractive to a man than a woman that really admires them and really listens to what they are saying. Always take the time to talk about the things he is interested in and you will be attractive no matter what you look like on the outside. MISSBELLA