There is nothing more appealing and sexy than a woman with confidence. When you have body confidence you will always look and feel great, no matter what you look like, and others will think you look fantastic too, when that inner confidence shines through.


Take Good Care of Yourself


A journey towards a greater body confidence begins with learning to appreciate your own body for the amazing machine that it is and learning to take good care of it. No matter what your size or shape, you can take good care of your body by eating right, drinking plenty of water, sleeping well and busting stress. It is far easier to be confident about a body that is healthy and happy because you are treating it right.


Choose New Clothes To Flatter Your Form


New clothes, at least, the right new clothes, can really boost your confidence. The trick is learning how to choose clothes that really show off your own body to its best advantage, accentuating all the best features and disguising anything that you are not so happy with. Having some new clothes that are perfect for you will really help you learn to love the body you are in.


Learn New Skills and Try New Activities



Your body is an amazing thing, capable of far more than you might imagine. A great way to gain more appreciation for your own and its super powers is to learn to use it in new and amazing ways. Learn a new skill and give new sports and other activities a go. There is something for everyone out there so you are bound to find something that you enjoy and that your body is built for. Allow your body to fulfil its potential, in whatever arena that may be. 


Learn To Accept All Genuine Compliments



We women can sometimes be really bad at accepting compliments. Sometimes, people just say complimentary things to be kind or polite, but it is usually fairly easy to tell when a compliment is genuine and sincere. Learn to hear what people are saying to you and accept all genuine compliments gracefully. After time, you may begin to see what you have been missing about your own appearance and learn to love your body the way it is.


Learn To Really Look


Boosting your body confidence is all about learning to view your body as it truly is, seeing all the good and all the bad and embracing it for what it is, not for what it 'should' or 'could' be. Learn to really look and really see and you will be a good way along the path to greater self-confidence. MISSBELLA