Wearing a little make up does not mean having to compromise your healthy and organic lifestyle. Though you do not have to wear any make up at all to look great, sometimes, you might just want to change it up a little. The great news is that you can do just that without spending a fortune and without using any cosmetics with long and scary ingredients lists. 


To create a beautiful smoky eye effect with dark shadow and dark lashes, all you need are the following simple ingredients: aloe vera gel, vegetable glycerin, coconut oil, activated charcoal and cocoa powder. These few ingredients can be added to experimentally to enhance the recipe if you wish but these five ingredients are all you really need to create a dramatic smoky eye effect. 


You will need a brush to apply the natural homemade mascara. This can be an old mascara brush that has been cleaned carefully and thoroughly, or, if you do not have one to hand, you could use a bamboo toothbrush and that can work just as well. It is best to just have up a small amount of natural mascara at one time – just make a little whenever you want to use it by mixing some aloe vera gel, vegetable glycerin and activated charcoal in a small container. 


For eye liner, should you choose to add some, you can simply blend some charcoal with a small amount of coconut oil, though you should be careful not to get it in your eyes. Just apply it carefully around the eye. Even with natural ingredients, it is always essential to be careful with anything coming close to your eyes.


To make the eye shadow you can simply mix a little activated charcoal with some cocoa powder to create a dark and smoky tone and then brush than on your eyelids, or simply apply it with a clean finger. The exact quantities and shade you use are up to you, so experiment with the tones of your eye shadow and see what looks best. You may also like to experiment with some greenish pigment in your eyeshadow, for this, in addition to the cocoa and the charcoal, you will need some spirulina. For lighter tones, arrowroot can be used in combination with the above. 


Not only can natural make up look and feel great, it can be fun to experiment with different ingredients to come up with the perfect, personalised make up plans for you. So why not give it a go? MissBella