When you have just been dumped by someone you loved, platitudes and sympathy seem to fly at you from all angles and none of it seems much use at all. If your heart has been broken, acknowledge it. There is nothing worse for your mental health than sublimating your emotions. Just make sure that you do not let your emotions rip you apart or swallow you whole. No matter how bleak things are right now, there is a way to deal with getting dumped – even if you are not ready to 'get over it' just yet. Life can continue, one day at a time and one day you will look back and suddenly realise just how far down the road you have come.


Make The Most of Your 'Freedom':


Being in a relationship really does take up a lot of time. You will have spent a lot of time during your relationship doing things together and compromising – thinking a lot about how to make another person happy and always considering how your partner would feel about every decision. Now, you can make your own decisions without reference to another person and that can be quite freeing if you actually think about it. Why not take up a new hobby or travel solo – there are so many adventures out there for you to go out and seize with both hands. Choose to see the promise rather than feeling overwhelmed.


Talk To Friends and Family – Keep Talking:


Talking is the best way to get over a break up. Tell everyone how you are feeling and stay connected and you will definitely feel less alone. Do not fall into the habit of talking incessantly about your ex. Let go and move on by forging stronger bonds than ever with those people you do still have in your life. 


Take the Chance to Work On You:


There is really no point playing the blame game when it comes to a breakup. The important thing is to acknowledge the hurt and use that experience to the positive. The trick is to get to the point emotionally where you can recognise any faults you have and mistakes you have made (and those of other people) and learn from them, without excessive guilt or blame. Take this opportunity to grow as a person.


Accentuate the Positive:


Noticing the little things is really important when it comes to seeing the positive in any situation. No matter how bad things appear on the surface, it really is true that every cloud has a silver lining. Even if it feels as though every facet of your life is shattering, there is still a positive that comes from your enduring it all – you can become a stronger and better person for the experience. Notice the sparkle of the raindrops, the beauty of a spider's web... smile and the smiles will be returned. missbella