You are the sort of woman who loves to be the centre of attention. You can't help it if when you walk into a room, any room, all eyes are on you. You dress to impress and impress you do. Adoration is your due and comes to you in abundance from almost everyone who crosses your path. 


In all seriousness, you are not conceited but equally, you have a good amount of confidence that shines out from you and draws them like moths to the flame. There is a difference between cocky and confident and you have the balance right, loving yourself to just the right degree and always, always aware that beauty is more than just skin deep.


You are the woman that other women want to be and men, well, men can be wrapped around your little finger. The problem is that the self confidence and self-assurance that you possess make the haters hate. Jealousy, that ugly, green-eyed monster all too often rears its head. But what should you do when other people react negatively to you, even when you are just living you life and not hurting anyone?



Say you got a brand new dress – gorgeous, flattering – all in all, perfect on you. But one of your girlfriends makes some snide remark. Does that come from jealousy or a genuine difference of opinion on style and fashion? If you were making a terrible fashion faux-pas you would want someone to tell you straight, wouldn't you? But perhaps this is one of a whole string of negative comments a friend has made about you or your appearance. Jealousy seems to be the only answer.


The key thing to remember when it comes to any hateful comments or jealousy is that is is about them, not about you. While you should always be sensitive to the feelings of others, you should be aware that jealousy is something that has taken root in them. You did not plant the seed nor tend it – they did. That is something they will have to work on. All you did was get a lovely new dress, hone your signature look and wear it with confidence. But you have to remember not to get too resentful. Jealousy of this sort often comes from a lack of confidence.


While if your friend is constantly making snide or bitchy remarks you may have to confront her calmly and talk about it, a few odd comments should probably just be overlooked. After all, this person is your friend. If you care about her you will not blame but rather try to lessen her pain and boost her confidence. Think less about yourself and more about her – what could be going wrong for her in her life – is there anything you could do to help the situation? A few genuine (not fake) compliments paid at the right time could help her become a more confident person like you. MISSBELLA