While all of us are sometimes tempted to choose clothes based on what we like and the latest fashions, if we really want to look great we need to ignore some of the vicissitudes of fashion and simply choose the items of clothing that are right for us, as individuals. The colour of our clothing and how that interacts with our skin tone, complexion, hair colour and eye colour is one of the things that can really make or break an outfit. What suits one person will make another look drab and washed out, what makes one person look like a million dollars could make another look garish and cheap. There are several things that you should consider when trying to find out which colours you should wear:


Skin Tone Temperature:


Your skin tone temperature is different to the colour of your skin. Everyone has either a cool, warm or neutral skin tone temperature, lying, unchanging, beneath the colour of their skin. If you have a cooler skin tone, you will suit silver rather than gold jewellery and your veins will tend to look blue when you look at the inside of your wrist in direct sunlight. Those with warmer tones will suit gold better than silver and their veins can look green. Those with a neutral tone may have trouble determining whether veins look blue or green or have examples of both. Determining your skin tone temperature can help you choose the right colours of clothing and jewellery to wear.




Your skin tone temperature, however, is not the only feature of your skin that will have an impact on the colours that you suit. The colour of your skin, your complexion, will also obviously have a bit role to play in determining which colours suit you. By holding different pieces of fabric up to the skin of your face, you should be able to look in the mirror and decide which tones suit and which do not, which will be determined by both your complexion and the underlying skin tone. 


Hair Colour and Eye Colour:


The colours you wear should also look good with and even enhance your hair and eyes. Consider the colour wheel and which colours are complimentary, which go and which do not. Hair colour can be made to pop by wearing colours (cool or warm depending on skin tone) that are on the opposite side of the colour wheel. For example, reddish hair can look fantastic with a deep, jewel tone green or deep, lush blue and blueish eyes can often be made to pop with blue clothing.


Personality and Preference:


There is a lot of information out there about what colours you should wear to go with certain warm or cool or neutral skin tone types and for those with different complexions, hair and eye colour. At the end of the day though, you will usually look good if you feel good too and a lot of which colours will suit you comes down to personality and preference. MissBella Offers Cheap Clothes in the UK