There is something beautiful about that fresh from the beach look, with your hair tousled after you had a swim and it dried in the sunshine, the colour bleaching, sometimes, to a slightly lighter shade. Nature can do more for your beauty regime than you may realise. Simply sitting out in the sun will cause fair hair to become fairer. While the same may not be true for those with darker hair, the sun will still do you and your hair a lot of good. 


Not only will sunshine help with hair loss and encourage your hair to grow thicker and more quickly, it will also give you a dose of vitamin D, which helps your hair to grow long and strong. While you do have to be careful about spending too long in the sun, you must remember that some sunshine is essential for our good health. Too much exposure to UV rays can damage the fragile epithelial cells that help your hair grow and too much sunlight can deplete levels of vitamins E and C that are essential for hair to grow. Be sure not to spend too much time out in the sun. 


For those with medium to light brown, fair or blonde hair you will probably find that sunlight does lighten your hair naturally if it is strong enough and you sit in it for a reasonable period of time. However, this is a very subtle effect and most people may only just notice this effect. 


Never fear, you can heighten the natural bleaching effect of the sunlight by putting lemon juice in your hair. If you want natural blonde highlights then take advantage of the summer sunshine this year, especially if you are going on a summer holiday somewhere sunny and warm. 


You can use the lemon juice all over your head to enhance the subtle lightening effect of the sunshine, or you could brush the lemon juice into your hair in selected strands only, to get some variation of tone throughout your hair. Be sure to use real lemon juice without anything else added. Simply spray or brush the lemon juice into your hair wherever you want to enhance the lightening effect then leave it in for a few hours while you go about your day. Repeat for a few days to increase the effect and make it more noticeable.


Lemon juice will dry your hair a little and raise the acid balance of your scalp but this is easy to remedy the next time you wash your hair. Simply clean and condition your hair using one of the excellent 'no poo' recipes using all natural alternatives. Lemon juice will not do any harm and is the sensible and low-cost way to get highlights or lighten hair without resorting to harsh chemicals. Miss Bella