If you love clubbing and have amazing self-confidence then you may not care what impression you make on the dance floor. But for most of us, unless the alcohol has killed our inhibitions, we may have our moments of self-consciousness while strutting our stuff. Here are some of the things you should bear in mind to make sure you make a good impression:


Have Confidence


Most of us do not feel supremely confident all the time but those who make the best impression and have the most magnetic attraction are those who exude confidence (whether they truly feel it or not) in everything they do. If you do not feel confidence, fake like you do and something surprising can often happen – you will discover that than fake confidence soon turns to a real confidence.


Be Yourself


When it comes to being queen of the club, it is always vital to have a good sense of who you are as a person and how you want others to perceive you. You should be aware of the views of the crowd but rise above them all, never afraid to show everyone who you truly are and what life means to you. No matter who you are, being yourself is the best way to become more self-assured and draw people to you.


Learn Some Proper Moves


If you are on the dance floor then you might as well actually learn a few moves. It is all well and good simply jogging your body around in time to the music but if you really want to impress then learning a few proper dance moves and putting them into practise would not go amiss and could be a good way to get yourself noticed for the right reasons.


Dress To Impress


Of course, another way to get yourself noticed is to show exemplary club fashion know-how and personal style by dressing to impress. Of course you can pay attention to fast fashion trends if you wish but you should remember that those who are truly stylish are those that dress for their looks and body type, showing their personality and flattering their form by means of wearing the perfect clothes for them and working out the perfect signature look.


Behave Yourself


It is all well and good looking perfectly groomed and coiffed and dressed at the beginning of the evening and showing perfect poise and grace on the dance floor, but if you are going to spoil it all by disgracing yourself then what was the point? If you drink waaaay too much, act rude or boorish or start trying to get off with every guy in the club then you are obviously not going to make a good impression and no one will be impressed. Yeah, let your hair down, but know when to call it a night.