Getting some sun can be great for your hair, as it is for your general health and well-being. Getting too much sun, however, can be drying and damaging to your hair and over time, this can cause breakage, thinning and dulling. Applying a mask or running a rinse through your hair can help to repair damage and keep your hair looking lush, thick and shiny. Here are some of the ingredients that you can combine to treat your sun damaged hair the natural way:


Bananas and Olive Oil


These ingredients are amongst those ingredients that will nourish your hair. The follicles from which your hair grows and the cells responsible for hair growth need nourishment to work. Sun can reduce the efficacy of uptake for certain nutrients. Bananas, olive oil and some other natural ingredients can replenish stocks.




Eggs are a great source of protein and this is good not only when ingested but can also help replenish proteins lost to sun damage and keep hair looking great. Use egg whites on oily hair, yolks on dry hair and whole eggs on normal, balanced hair. 




Honey is great for moisturising hair so is great for hair that has been dried out by the sun. Honey is also a mild antiseptic that can be good on scalps that have been scorched by the sun. Another good thing about honey is that it will make your hair smell delicious.


Mayonnaise or Avocado



Fats, those in mayonnaise or avocado for example, help to condition the hair. This is a natural way to naturally condition your hair and redress the imbalance that can be caused by excess sunshine. Using one of these ingredients as a component part of a hair mask will leave it looking more sleek and shiny.


Beer or Apple Cider Vinegar


A rinse of beer or apple cider vinegar will add shine and bounce to sun-damaged hair and when used regularly over a period of time, can really have a noticeable effect. Do not expect results to happen overnight but do expect to see major improvement within a couple of weeks if you use this rinse every two or three days.


Strawberries or Aloe Vera


Strawberries and aloe vera both help to repair dry and damaged hair. Strawberry seeds have exfoliating properties and the berries contain beneficial acids and vitamins. Aloe vera is also extremely useful for the vitamins it contains. 


Take measures to make sure your hair is in tip top condition and you will not have any troubles after spending some time in the sun this summer. If you feel that your hair is loosing condition or is out of balance then you do not need to resort to expensive commercial solutions – the ingredients you need to treat sun-damaged hair might even be in your kitchen cupboard already. MissBella