There is no point wearing a bomber jacket, in my opinion, unless you are going to do so authentically. I do not mean that you have to become a bomber, merely that you should embody the chic yet rebellious and counter-culture spirit of the piece and really use it to express your fashion aplomb and individualistic streak. Here are five ways to make your bomber jacket your own and the great news is, none of them cost the earth. 





Beautiful badges can help you to show your beliefs and allegiances. Whether you want to show your political affiliations, your religion, your activism or your loves and hates, badges are a marker to show that you are an engaged, interested and interesting person. Just be genuine and that will always shine through. 




Patches can also personalise a bomber jacket. These can be collected around the world and if you are a keen traveller, this could be an amazing and individualistic way to show your passion. Patches can show where you have been and also where you are going. They can show your sports teams or simply some of your favourite places. When it comes to personalising your bomber jacket, more is always more.





Punk is having something of a resurgence at the moment and popping a few safety pins at strategic positions on your bomber jacket could be a great way to plug into that anarchic spirit of rebellion and let the world know that you are not someone who will go down without a fight into the pits on anonymity and sheep-like following. 




Transfers are an easy way to customise a bomber jacket and if you were to decide at some point in the future that you wanted to switch things up you could do so without too much hassle.




A more permanent and yet more beautiful solution to your non-conformist dreams would be to embroider a design onto your bomber jacket. The more idiosyncratic the design the more fashion kudos you will surely receive. Make the design something specific and personal to you and you will definitely increase the fashion cred of your bomber jacket. 


A personalised bomber jacket is something that you will not want to part with no matter how the fashions twist and turn. It is something that you can hang on to and improve with every passing year. Do your best to be yourself and everyone will surely see you for the wonderful, creative person that you are. MISSBELLA