All too often, we women think we have to strive for perfection. We put ourselves under a ton of completely unnecessary stress, trying to achieve something that we never can. Why do we do that to ourselves? Perfection simply isn't what it's cracked up to be. When we see, for example, a perfectly symmetrical face we find it rather eerie and unsettling – perhaps because in nature, small imperfections are everywhere. In most cases, something, be it a flower or a human face, that is imperfect is more beautiful than something completely without flaws.


We should all embrace imperfection because when it comes right down to it, there is no such thing as perfection. Just as there is no 'normal', 'perfect' is also very much a subjective quality. Imperfection is just another word, in many cases, for the small quirks and uniqueness that makes each of us who we are. Why is it that all too often we adore imperfection in others while abhorring it in ourselves? If we really want to make improvement to who we are, one of the most important steps is accepting and understanding that we are in a way 'perfect' in our own, unique imperfection.


Embracing imperfection does not mean accepting the inferior, it is just about recalibrating what the inferior really is. Life is a journey and it is important to realise that it is a constantly ongoing process – there is better but there is never 'best' when it comes to personal development. Accepting this frees us up to make real improvement to our selves and our lives without the shackles and stress of aiming for 'perfection'.


We all have things about ourselves that we do not like. These can be parts of our physical being or character traits that we recognise that we need to work on. Some of these things we can do something about, others we cannot. It is important to separate the way we are naturally meant to be from the way we have made ourselves, to accept those things we cannot change and, as the cliché goes, change those things we cannot accept. There are some flaws that we can and should do something about – this is not about lazily accepting everything. But we need to retrain our brains to recognise that there is no 'perfect' model and some so called imperfections are not only desirable but also essential to our happiness in life. Where would we be if we were all the same?


Imperfection accounts for many of the things that we really love in this world, so why are we so intolerant of the differences to some societal 'ideal' that we see in ourselves? The 'ideal' woman does not exist and what has been perceived as 'perfect' has always been a constantly changing thing, different throughout time and in different places. Free yourself from the prison of striving for perfection and embrace imperfection in all its messy and characterful glory and you are sure to be a lot happier. Credit MissBella