Have you been inspired by the Olympics to get out there and get some exercise? If you have, good for you. But there is still always the question of what to wear when you are being sporty or heading for a workout. Here are five ways to ramp up your sports wear and elevate your sporty look to the next level:


Neon Sports Bra and Paper Thin T-Shirt


Neon is in for clothing work for sport and athleisure wear. Try showing off and giving a little sexy in a paper thin T-shirt through which you can see the neon sports bra that you are wearing underneath. You can feel comfortable, practical and attractive and what with all your confidence and style aplomb, that guy checking you out at the gym won't know what to to with himself!


Matching Separates: Leggings and Crop Top


Nothing could be easier than grabbing a pair of matching separates when you head to the gym. Black is flattering and practical for most people,  though you could also go bolder with some bright coloured separates that you can mix and match. Black matching separates, however, will allow you to blend in and look classy even when you are fit to drop.


Psychedelic Crop Top


Sometimes, however, you might like to make a bold statement about who you are and stand out from the crowd. A really bright, psychedelic crop top will draw attention, perhaps, away from problem areas, shall we say, further south and help you to accentuate what might be your best features. 


Leggings With Colour Block Motifs


Why be boring when it comes to what leggings or sporting trousers you wear? So many women just fall back on the basic black for every sporty occasion. Those with a little more fashion flair could choose something a little more on trend, with colour blocks and bold pattern. These colour block bottoms can also draw attention to a part of your body that you might wish to emphasise and away from areas that you may be a little self conscious about when wearing tight clothing.


Luxe Hoodie or Fleece Top


Want something you could wear in the gym or jogging but also out to lunch? A luxe hoodie or soft fleece top could be the perfect sports leisure wear item to carry you right on through your day. Snuggle into the warmth and cosiness and embrace style and comfort at the same time. MISSBELLA