Have you got a mental block when it comes to choosing the perfect accessories? Jewellery can be a tricky thing to get right but when you do, it can really tie a whole look together and be the lynch pin of your outfit. The right earrings, necklace, bangles, bracelet or rings can really elevate an cheap outfit and turn it from okay to exemplary. Jewellery can help you make the statement you want to make. If you are struggling to work out what jewellery to wear, here are a few trends that might just give you a few new ideas: 

Plate-Like Jewellery


Whether it is earrings, a necklace, bracelet or hair piece, large, round statement pieces of jewellery are definitely in vogue. Whether models wore one large plate or a series of them, this trend cropped up all over the place in the Fall collections of a number of fashion houses.

Chunky Chains

 This punky jewellery style was also everywhere. Chains were worn as belt-like accessories but also on a wide range of hardwear store type jewellery. Chains were not the only punk inspired element to jewellery on the fall catwalks. Safety pins, both normal sized and jumbo, were also a component common to several fashion houses.

Treasure Trove Jewellery


 Much of the jewellery on display in the autumn 2016 collections looked as though it had been salvaged from a pirate's hoard of treasure. Earrings and necklaces made of, or make to look like, coins were commonly seen on the catwalk.



Dangling from many earrings of the autumn collections were tassels, like those you might expect to find on the thing that ties back your grandmother's curtains. Tassels have been updated and offer an edge and avant garde jewellery choice.

HUGE Necklaces


For many designers, it seemed, bigger was most definitely better. Necklaces on the catwalks threatened to pull their models off balance, so big and heavy were they. These huge, oversized statement pieces could be a real 'wow' factor for those looking to put together a great signature look for an important occasion. 


These are just a few of the trends in jewellery for autumn 2016. Why not consider buying yourself a present of some new jewellery? It could be the perfect way to give yourself a little bit of a mood boost as the nights draw in and the days get colder and shorter.