The Workplace is a professional place and it is important that you keep it in mind of how your makeup looks. You need to look competent and beautiful at the same time, that is important. Your makeup should make look a strong and hard working woman. All you need to do is balance a makeup which will make you look stylish in a natural way with less makeup. If you work in an Office, makeup should be long lasting so that you don’t need a retouch. Also it shouldn't be time consuming as it is a daily process.

Follow few Easy makeup tips for workplace

It is a challenge for a professional woman to choose the right kind of makeup for corporate environment that she works in. Corporate makeup is a little tricky one, it has to be smooth and simple to enhance personality with your own style and fashion. Below are some flawless yet simple makeup tips for the corporate ladies.

Let’s start Makeup tips with you face, make sure you clean your face with a good quality face wash and apply a non greasy moisturizer. This is because Makeup looks better on moisturized skin. My advice is Use a light foundation to evenly tone your skin. Make sure you mix it well to get a smooth appearance, apply blush on your cheek, if you want you may apply a light blush on your cheekbones and blend it.

Your office is not the place to try a lot of shades on your eyes. So Keep your eyes simple with neutral look that looks natural. Our eye makeup tips will guide to a perfect corporate look. I suggest applying soft colours only on the lid and crease and avoid dull and glittery shades. You can always apply black eyeliner but don’t make it too thick and too dramatic, make sure the lines don’t outside the eyelids. Now you can finish your eye makeup with smudge free and water proof mascara. You can buy these from most beauty places. The main rule of our eye makeup tips is to give you a neat and clean makeup for eyes, this is so that
you eyes to get the comfort of working all day long.

For your lips choose neutral shades of tinted lip gloss which should be delicate enough for the office and give you the "natural look". You may choose shades like pink, light brown, peach or any other warm colors according to your skin tone and what suits you best. Skip matt lipstick and go for creamy lipstick or gloss to ensure your lips are hydrated all day long. Keep them handy for easy touch ups during the office hours.

Nails are also a subject of fashion accessory. A big No to nail arts, I suggest using a light shade that goes with your everyday clothing. Also keep them neat and manicured and don`t grow them to long.

Last makeup tips but not the least, you must always remember to spray your favourite perfume before you leave, which will last for the whole day. This will boost you mentally.

Our simple makeup tips will help you to get a beautiful look very easily for your every day rushed morning. So follow these makeup tips and make a pre plan for what to do on the next morning and you will find it easy to maintain looking beautiful every day.

 Credit MissBella