As the weather begins to turn and the beautiful colours of the autumn begin to appear on our clothes and in nature around us, our thoughts can sometimes turn to the long winter ahead. Winter is coming, we think, and we begin to emotionally and mentally batten down the hatches ready for the colder months to come. Winter can be a time of introspection and inward-looking behaviour. Many of us will be less sociable and may even go out of the house less. It can be a time, frankly, when many of us feel like hibernating and struggle to find even a smidgeon of get-up-and-go. 


If you are the sort who finds a sort of paralysis kicks in with the colder weather, if the nights drawing in see you simply stopping and with little impetus to do anything much of anything at all, then you should make sure to get all those little jobs done now, before the weather gets too bad and you lose your drive. One of those little jobs that should be done at some point in the autumnal transitional period between the summer and winter wardrobes is rationalising and sorting your wardrobe before you get out your cold season cheap uk clothes from storage. 


It is a good idea to start by going through your wardrobe and ruthlessly putting aside anything you do not wear. If it was a summer item and you did not wear it over the last three months then that is a candidate for a charity shop, for giving away or for selling. There may also be some items which you have been meaning to mend, or which needs some alteration. Take the time to do those things before the turn of the seasons. 


Take a good long look at anything you are not sure about. Those things should go too, unless you can decide upon and actually carry out some form of re-purposing or alteration work right now. Do not put things off and think 'one day' – that is the recipe for a very messy and cluttered wardrobe. Let's face it, if you do not have the drive to do it now, will you ever?


A summer wardrobe contains some items, such as holiday swim and beachwear,  that you may know you will not be wearing during the winter months. Take the time now to sort and store those items safely so they are fit to wear again next year. Other items, consider whether you will wear them in colder weather with layers. If you will, keep them out to bolster the winter items you have retrieved from storage and any new items you decide to buy.