Autumn is here and the summer weather is rapidly becoming a distant memory. Though we have all been willing the Indian summer to go on forever, we know that the inevitable fact of the matter is that the colder weather is here and for the next few months, the sunshine and warmth of the summer will seem like a fading dream. However, all is not doom and gloom. There are actually plenty of wonderful things about the autumn, especially if you are a fashion lover. Here are just a few good reasons to be glad that autumn is here:


It Is Leather Weather:


Well, ideally it would be faux leather but the same thing still applies whether you have decided to go the ethical route or not. Now the weather has cooled enough you can don your leather jackets, leather skirt, leather trousers and other leather items without feeling like you are slowly being roasted alive. Faux-leather can look just as good as real leather but it will still feel just as hot too, so it really is best to wait until this time of year before you venture out in it.


Cashmere Sweaters (And Similar Soft Snuggly Items):


The soft sensation of your favourite sweater against your skin can really compensate you for the loss of the warmth and the sunshine. Snuggle up in your favourite soft sweater and enjoy the feel of it against your skin and the warmth it will help you to retain.


Beautiful Boots:


Getting out the beautiful boots for autumn is one of the pleasures of the season. When you find the perfect boots your feet will love you all season long. Whether they are warm and comfy flats or super trendy platform boots, beautiful boots can help put that smile back on your face. 


These are just some of the compensations that your autumn/winter wardrobe can bring. You might not be seeing your favourite mini skirt or your favourite bikini for a while, but at least you do have some of your favourite fashion items close at hand. Don't forget, too, that you can still wear many of the items from your summer wardrobe – just layer up, pop on some tights and wrap up warm with cardigans and coats and that summer dress will see you right through to the spring and even beyond. MISSBELLA