There are many reasons why those with a conscience should choose not to buy real leather items but should instead say on the ethical side of fashion and say no to leather and to fur and choose man-made options instead. Here are just some of the reasons why you should opt for faux leather rather than real leather when choosing your shoes and clothes:


The Environmental Cost Of Real Leather:


While all materials come with some environmental cost, the cost of real leather is far higher than the cost to the planet of faux leather and that it just a fact. The cost of the agriculture, the processing and the tanning all add up. A simple analysis of the facts shows that the environment would be immeasurably better if we stopped eating and wearing dead animals.


The Ethical Cost of Real Leather:


It is not just the environment that suffers with the production of real leather. Unfortunately, animal welfare is not high on the priority list for many leather producers and what is more, millions of human lives are also put in extreme danger through toxic waste, pollution and water shortage. Why should millions of living creatures suffer for the sake of the vanity of the few, when there is an alternative that pretty much looks just as good? It really does seem ludicrous.


The Practicalities Of Man-Made Fabric:


Faux leather is not only the default position because real leather is so bad. It also has a number of practical benefits of its own. For one thing, since it is man-made it can have a far more uniform finish if that is what is wanted. For another thing, it can come in sizes that exceed the size of an animal, so you are less restricted as to what you can make and do. Faux leather looks almost exactly the same as leather, it is cheaper and, though it does not soften and age in the same way, that just means that it can last a lot longer.


There really is no reason why any ethical person in this day and age would be informed about the nasty things that go into making leather and would still want to wear it. Inform yourself and make the switch to the most ethical and environmentally friendly sorts of vegan leather today. No one but you will likely even be able to tell that you made that sensible switch. MISSBELLA