Fake It Until You Make It

Have you ever heard the phrase, if at first you don't succeed, try, try again? It may sound trite but even if confidence does not come easy you should not give up. If you are struggling to feel confident, act like you are already confident in yourself. Fake it until you make it. The very act of pretending to be confident will actually make you gain in confidence.


Dress For Success


People say, dress for the job you want not the job you have. Clothes can really boost your confidence. Find your own style and an outfit that makes you feel great and that can actually give you the confidence to get out there in the world and succeed.


Do Something Every Day That Scares You


When you push the boundaries of your bravery and do things that raise your anxiety levels every day then not only will you feel more alive, you will also gain in confidence to face all the challenges in life that come your way.


Find Self Worth Through Helping Others


Sometimes it can feel as though we depend on others for too much in life. We can, of course, increase in confidence by taking charge of our own lives a little more. But sometimes our confidence can be boosted more by doing things to help other people in our lives, or even complete strangers. Find self worth and increase confidence by helping other people.


Embrace Your Flaws 


We are all unique and we are all flawed. Are your physical flaws or flaws you perceive in your personality or behaviour holding you back? Do not let them. Stop comparing yourself to other women. Try instead to focus on becoming your own best self. Embrace what you perceive as your flaws and you might well discover that they may be the things about you that someone else likes the most. Focus on becoming your own best self, not some impossible ideal version of you. Remember it is our flaws that make us human.


Know When To Let It Go


Are you the sort of person who holds a grudge? Are you focussed on the events of the past? Do not have a victim mentality. No matter what the past held for you, you can move forward to a more positive future. Knowing when it is time to let it go and move into your brave new future is key to developing a lasting self confidence. 


Choose a Personal Mantra


Everyone is different but it might help you to evolve into the confident, calm and successful person that you want to become if you choose a meaningful phrase that will boost your mood when you need it most and help rally your courage for life's challenges. What will your personal mantra be? MissBella