At one point in time, double denim was such a fashion faux pas that its inclusion on lists of what not to wear became a bit of a cliché. Now, double denim is most definitely in. All the fashion magazines seem to agree that in 2016, double the denim is definitely double the fun. Lots of celebrities have been seen doubling up on the denim in all sorts of different ways, from jeans and shirt or jeans and jacket combos to intriguing shirt shirt and denim top outfits. 

Double denim, it is clear, is doubly divine – if, of course, you get your denim from an ethical, environmentally conscious source. All too often, denim can be deadly, causing untold harm to the people involved in its manufacture and to the environment. If you are doubling up on the denim you should be twice as sure that your denim is not contributing to the harm of poor communities around the world and to the destruction of our planet. Make sure that, whatever you wear, you demand that companies tell you where they have come from and who made your clothes. 

One important thing to remember when doing the double denim thing is that you should be looking to contemporary style for your inspiration. While the 80s and 90s both rocked the double denim thing in their own way, it is best for this look to make sure you have an up to date look and have not  made yourself look like a tragic blast from the past. While it is often great to take inspiration from past decades in fashion, in the case of double denim, it is best to choose a more up to date style for the pieces you choose or it could all go horribly wrong. 

One good rule of thumb when it comes to wearing double denim is that you should choose two pieces (or even three) that are very different in terms of their washes and colours. Though it can look great when you break the rules too, so always use your own fashion sense and remember that no rules are really hard and fast when it comes to clothing. Pairing one light item of denim with, for example, a much darker pair of jeans can be really flattering and it is a rule of thumb that means that your outfit will surely not fail. 

Another tip to bear in mind is that double denim usually (though not invariably) looks better when the pieces you wear are more fitted. Skinny jeans and fitted jackets will usually be an easier way to pull of this look than baggier jeans and roomier shirts or jackets. As usual, you will look best in clothes that fit you well. MissBella for cheap clothes