If you have never lived alone before then the prospect can be daunting for some people. Whether you are renting or are lucky enough to have been able to buy your own home, whether you are leaving behind your parent's place or recuperating after a break up, living alone for the first time can be a tricky business. Here are five tips to help you find your place and make it your own without making a big mess of things:


Personalise and prioritise:



The best thing about living alone is that you can make your space fit exactly to your own needs and desires. Make the most of the fact that you do not have to share to make a personal plan for the space and for your life – be sure to prioritise the things that really are important to you.


Be super organised:



While you might already have been doing some of these things, remember that when you live alone you and you alone are responsible for keeping things tidy, paying the bills and keeping on top of everything. This can be a good thing as it will help you gain skill and maturity – you just have to learn to be more organised: make lists, make plans and stick to them.


Resist the urge to pull up the drawbridge too often:



When living alone it can be very easy, at the end of the working day, to simply lock the door, flop down and slob out on the sofa until bed time. Do not get too comfy or spend too much of the time on your own. Pulling up the drawbridge and spending time alone in your personal castle of comfort is not good for you. When you live alone you should be making even more of an effort to get out there and spend time with people you like and love. Make sure you have people round a lot too – then you can't get too lazy with the tidying.


Beware the 'someone else's problem' field:



In a shared/family house there is often something known as a 'someone else's problem' field. This is a sort of force field that seems to exist around certain things, messes are a good example, that means our eyes sort of skim over it because it is not our problem but is something someone else will have to deal with. If you continue to overlook problem areas when living alone – just know that eventually it could cause you a lot more grief. Sort things before they get out of hand.


Make the space your own:



Whether you rent or own, make sure you do not live in a house that could be anyone's. People who know you should be able to walk in through the door and see immediately that it is you who lives in a place like that. Make the space reflect who you are – even if you cannot redecorate you can still place rugs and throws around the place and add some other finishing touches that will make the place a real home. MissBella