What Not To Wear: Rules For A Summer Wedding


So, you are going to a wedding? Have you decided what to wear? A summer wedding can be a great occasion to show off one of your most stylish outfits, it can be a chance to dress up a bit and look and feel great. But do you know what NOT to wear? Here are five rules for a summer wedding that should not be broken:


Do Not Wear White (At Least, if the Bride Is)


Really? Does anyone think that wearing white to a wedding is a good idea? If it were your wedding, would you really want people looking at photographs of the big day and wondering which woman was actually getting hitched? Not all brides wear white or even something in that family however, and you might be thinking that this rule is a little out-dated. Still, better safe than sorry – the biggest no-no on someone's wedding day is upsetting the bride. Don't risk it.


No Hemline Above Your Fingertips


Again, this really should be pretty obvious but weddings are formal affairs and are usually family occasions – that means elderly relatives, young kids and awkward teens. Do not wear anything in which you risk flashing your knickers or you could end up in a really, really embarrassing situation. Also, you will just look trashy.


No Neckline That Reveals Too Much Up Top


The same goes for up top. Keep your neckline family friendly or you could end up looking really cheap. What looks great in the club at 2am will not look as nice in a marquee or a country church. Use your common sense. 


No Funereal Black


Okay, I know that the little black dress is now becoming increasingly acceptable wedding wear, so this is not a blanket ban on black, but you should obviously not risk bringing down the mood of the party by wearing anything too dark and sombre. If you do wear black, keep the accessories light and jolly.


Nothing That Screams 'Look At Me!'


This is a big day but it is not your big day! If you are the sort of person who likes to be in the limelight then you will really have to fight the temptation to make it all about you. You may be the life and soul of the party and naturally charismatic, but you need to make sure that you do not outshine the bride and groom or steal the focus. Keep it simple and classy and allow the happy couple to enjoy their day. MissBella